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Ep009: Ronnie Teasdale - Aligning With the Natural Elements to Create Your Reality and Your Life

June 1, 2018

Guest: Ronnie Teasdale @ra_of_earth

Host: Brian Costello @bcostello____


Ronnie Teasdale is a Humanology Teacher, Reality Hacker and CoCreator of his reality.  He uses our most basic tolls - light, air, water, earth, and ether to live in optimal health and create his ideal reality.  He shares a lot of his practices and techniques with us today....


- Sungazing - what, how, and why?

- Using light as energy and fuel 

- Creator vs Victim mindset

- Transdimensional energy during twilight hours 

- Understanding all feelings are from within, allowing ourselves to be happy

- Manifesting intentions into physical reality (creating your dream life)

- Nude sun bathing, urine drinking, and more!


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