Fourtress Radio

Ep025: Dave Robinson on playing the long game, the OCR World Championships, and building a brand of health and success.

May 25, 2019

Guest: Dave Robinson @getstrappedstaystrapped @gsnation

Host: Brian Costello @bcostello____ @fourtress__


Today we are joined by Elite level Obstacle Course Racer and Head Coach of GS Nation, a brand of health and fitness breeding success for its members in and out of the gym.

We discuss:

- The spider bite that left him hospitalized and gave him a new perspective

- How he hasn't missed a workout in over 1,200 days

- His unique definition of working out and philosophies on consistency

- How we went from OCR scrub to qualifying for the World Championships in just a few years

- How GS Nation is breeding health and success across all domains






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